Ulrike Gehring

Ulrike Gehring is Associate Professor at the Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Her research focusses on the impact of the environment on child health, with a special focus on the long-term health effects of ambient air pollution and the determinants of asthma and allergies.

She is co-Principal Investigator of the Dutch PIAMA (Prevention and Incidence of Asthma and Mite Allergy) birth cohort study. PIAMA, but also other birth cohort studies (through national and international collaborations) play an important role in her research and allow her to investigate exposure-health relationships through different stages of life. Her research is multidisciplinary combining statistics with epidemiology, medical science and exposure science.


Exposure to ambient ultrafine particles and allergic sensitization in children up to 16 years

Femke Bouma, Gerard Hoek, Gerard H Koppelman, Judith M Vonk, Jules Kerckhoffs, Roel Vermeulen, Ulrike Gehring
Environmental Research, volume 219

Ulrike Gehring

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Utrecht University

Nieuw Gildestein
Bolognalaan 50 / Yalelaan 2 50
Room 3.56
3584 CJ Utrecht

Areas of Expertise

Air quality Biostatistics Birth cohorts Environmental Epidemiology

Decoding the exposome

Decoding the exposome

The environment we live in has a dominant impact on our health. It explains an estimated seventy percent of the chronic disease burden. Where we live, what we eat, how much we exercise, the air we breathe and whom we associate with; all of these environmental factors play a role. The combination of these factors over the life course is called the exposome. There is general (scientific) consensus that understanding more about the exposome will help explain the current burden of disease and that it provides entry points for prevention and ...

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